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Sucker Rod and Coupling

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We can produce sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings, reducer couplings (for the connection of polished rods, sucker rods, weighted rods and driving sucker rods) that meet API standards. Non-API standard UHS grade couplings, the specifications and models cover 5/8in, 3/4in, 7/8in, 1in, 1-1/8in, full size and small hole couplings.

Product performance and advantages

• The nickel alloy spray coating of the SM-grade coupling has the advantages of corrosion resistance and friction resistance, and is suitable for oil wells containing corrosive liquids and has a long service life;

• Coupling production equipment is advanced. High-speed circular saw automatically fixed-length blanking to achieve high-speed precision cutting, precise workpiece length and smooth cutting surface;

• Adopt automatic production line to finish turning the workpiece, imported high-precision machine tools, automatic clamping by manipulator, high production efficiency and stable product quality;

• Coupling phosphating line has a high degree of automation and has the advantages of integrity, excellent process and environmental protection. The previously scattered treatment tanks are integrated into a whole. After setting parameters, the processes such as water washing, surface conditioning, phosphating, and water washing can be automatically completed, and the pickling process is removed to reduce pollution. Equipped with sewage treatment equipment, the sewage can be recycled after treatment;

• The use of laser marking machine for inner hole counterbore marking is superior to the traditional coupling surface marking process, which can effectively avoid damage to the spray welding layer on the coupling surface and reduce the risk of coupling wear and damage to the traceability number.


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Add:No.1002 Xiliu Road, Dongying Shandong, PRC
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