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Hydraulic Pumping Unit

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Hydraulic pumping unit is a new type of oil field ground drive equipment developed and produced by our company. It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small footprint, convenient and quick installation, and can realize remote stroke, stroke adjustment and monitoring.

Product performance and advantages:

• Flexibility to adapt to various well conditions. We offer electric motor and gas engine drive options with cylinder lengths up to 8.53 m [336 in] and maximum polished rod load capacity up to 25 tons [50,000 lbm]. Stroke lengths up to 8.53 m reduce cyclic stress, minimize rod tensile shock, increase gas compression ratio, minimize the possibility of air lock, and improve overall system efficiency. Long stroke enables hydraulic pumping units to maintain production at lower pump speeds, thereby reducing friction losses in highly deviated and horizontal wells;

• Adopt closed cylinder design to reduce HSE risk and environmental impact. The enclosed cylinder design increases operator safety as all moving parts are enclosed. Maintenance can be performed on one well while the adjacent well is still producing. The unit mounts directly on the wellhead, reducing space requirements and eliminating the need for concrete pads, wires, and special site preparation. Totally enclosed actuation cylinders also prevent hydraulic oil from leaking, resulting in downtime related to environmental exposure, equipment maintenance and repair, or both;

• Higher pumping efficiency in unconventional wells and heavy oil. The company's hydraulic pumping unit can adjust the speed profile of the pump in minutes to accommodate changing production over the life of the well, without the expense of variable frequency drives or the manipulation of large counterweights. The units are SCADA-ready, so they can be easily connected to internal SCADA monitoring systems or third-party systems for fast remote data access and other functions;

• Choose an open cylinder design for high temperature, heavy oil applications. Systems designed with hollow or open cylinders are reliable to deal with the reservoir ambient temperature and the high temperatures associated with heavy oil thermal recovery. Their ability to handle multiphase flows, steam leakage and solids production further enhances their suitability for heavy oil applications.


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Add:No.1002 Xiliu Road, Dongying Shandong, PRC
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