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Gear Reducer

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Gear reducer

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Our company can produce involute reducers (models include 40D, 57D, 80D, 114D, 160D, 228D, 320D, 456D, 640D, 912D, 1280D, 1824D), double arc reducers (models include 18, 26, 37 , 53, 73, 89, 105), which can realize the whole process from design to production and testing.

Product performance and advantages:

• Use 3D design software to design and verify the design through motion simulation. The shaft is processed by Korean Doosan CNC lathe to effectively ensure the coaxiality and cylindricity of the shaft.

• The gears are all processed by CNC gear hobbing machine equipment, which has high processing precision, high efficiency and good surface quality. The company's three coordinates can detect the tooth shape and tooth direction;

• Our box is processed by CNC horizontal machining center, which can ensure the coaxiality and parallelism of the reducer box hole, ensure the center distance of the box, and verify it through three coordinates;

• The material of the driven gear and the suspension wheel is QT700-2, which is normalized, and the hardness and processability of the material are good;

• All reducers will be tested on the reducer test bench before delivery. The reducer test bench adopts the back-to-back torque loading test method to verify the performance of the reducer under rated torque (noise, bearing temperature rise, vibration and other data), and collect relevant data through a special control system and precision measuring instruments and form a final quality report.


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Add:No.1002 Xiliu Road, Dongying Shandong, PRC
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